General Course Duration Options

Interactive Lecture Only: Customized from 2 to 8 hours

Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training: 1 to multiple day programs

Customized courses tailored to your organization’s needs vary in length from several hours to multiple days, depending on the chosen course(s), number of skill-sets covered, and number of participants.

American Heart Basic Life Support CPR

Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare professionals trains participants to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality CPR, deliver appropriate ventilations and provide early use of an AED.

Courses are designed for anyone with little or no medical training who needs a course completion card for a job, regulatory (for example, OSHA), or other requirements. The skills learned in this course will help you recognize cardiac arrest, get emergency care on the way quickly, and perform life saving skills for the victim.

American Heart Heartsaver CPR & AED

Heartsaver CPR AED Course provides the highest quality training in the lifesaving skills of CPR and how to use an AED. The course empowers students to act with confidence in the event of an emergency at work, home, or in the community.

American Heart First Aid

Reflecting the latest science and education from the 2020 AHA Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC), the Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Reference Guide provides a convenient, quick reference tool for individuals and workplaces. This paneled guide provides critical first aid information for adults in an easily accessible, simple format. Information includes:


  • Signs of several first aid emergencies (“What you see”)
  • Actions to take in those emergencies (“What you do”)
  • Checking the victim, severe allergic reaction
  • Adult CPR, AED and Choking
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Heart attack, stroke
  • Shock and external bleeding
Leadership Development

This course is customizable to address issues such as How to transition into a supervisor role, How to interact in the workforce, how to apply discipline and build a team. Time management as well as customer service, project management and resolving conflict can also be addressed and built into the program, for a great start to develop your leaders.  Timeless truths about leading the troops into battle. This motivating class prepares new officers and reminds current ones, of the challenges of leadership. Values and tactics taken from seasoned leaders, this course covers:

  • Motivation
  • Liability
  • Training
  • Tactics
  • Examples

All officers can benefit from this course. It’s a great session to energize the leaders of our crews.

Stop the Bleed Course

Stop the Bleed is a training course that includes a lecture and skill station. The aim of the course is to disseminate basic bleeding control techniques to as many people as possible so that in the event of a tragedy, immediate bystanders can save lives.

Forklift Operator Training and Certification

OSHA mandates that forklift operator training consists of a combination of formal training (e.g., classroom, interactive computer training, written material), and practical training, including evaluation (hands-on evaluation by a qualified instructor). On the job, your employer should administer a driving test in order to complete the OSHA requirements for safe operation. Your license is good for a FULL 3 YEARS from the date of your driving test.

Active Shooter Training

Motivated by the 2012 tragedy in Sandy Hook and multiple tragedies that have occurred in the ensuing years, what has become known as the Hartford Consensus was convened to bring together leaders from law enforcement, the federal government, and the medical community to improve survivability from man-made or natural mass casualty events. The resulting injuries from these events generally present with severe bleeding which, if left unattended, can result in death. The participants of the Hartford Consensus concluded that by providing first responders and civilian bystanders the skills and basic tools to stop uncontrolled bleeding in an emergency situation, lives would be saved. The first responder program has received very good response and is widely being used across the country. The next step is to focus on the needs of civilian bystanders.

Students will get hands-on practice controlling bleeding with pressure, quick clot and dressings and tourniquet application.

Audience: All First Responders and Civilians

Workplace Violence Training

Homicide is currently the fourth-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States. This training program is designed to improve the knowledge and the awareness of employers and employees on the prevention, recognition and handling of workplace violence. This program will also address aspects of dangerous behavior, how to recognize it and what should be done if it becomes a concern.

HAZWOPER Training Course

HAZWOPER training prepares cleanup and emergency response workers to operate safely during a variety of scenarios involving hazardous substances. This training covers policies, practices and procedures that reduce the risk of injury and illness related to harmful exposures on the worksite (40hr initial course, 24hr course and 8hr refresher)

Sexual Harassment

From 9-to-5, our time belongs to others—be it customers, clients coworkers or colleagues—our time is shared. And how we spend it—and with whom we spend it—isn’t usually in our control. But one thing that should be in our control—regardless of our industry, gender, position or even time of day—is sexual harassment in the workplace. No one has the time, nor the patience, for a hostile work environment.


  • Define sexual harassment
  • Examples of sexual harassment
  • Levels of violence
  • Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to notify your supervisor


Audience: Everyone

Course Length: One (1) hour


Sexual Harassment program is based upon U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Information also taken from Erika Grubbs Winston & Cashatt, Lawyers ppt.

Rapid Intervention Team (FAST)

The firefighter as a member of an RIT operation will identify the tools and staffing and requirements for a RIT operation, develop a rescue plan for a missing, lost, or trapped firefighter; demonstrate rope search techniques, and demonstrate removing a firefighter / victim up a stairwell, up or down through a hole in a floor/roof, moving a downed firefighter out of a window, and lowering a firefighter down a ladder. This course requires students to perform several practical evolutions with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). This skills sets are critical firefighters in saving themselves or their team during deteriorating fire operations. Developing these skills allows the firefighter to have more tools for dealing encountered adverse conditions in an emergency.

Audience: All Firefighters who perform interior structural firefighting 

Course Length: Sixteen (16) hours

Equipment: All participants will need full PPE and SCBA with spare cylinder

SCBA Refresher Course

OSHA requires firefighters to be certified in SCBA annually. This class will take students through the basic workings of the air pack to safely operating in an IDLH. The course covers proper, timed donning techniques, low profile, full escape, entanglement and other emergency procedures. A must for all interior firefighters.


Audience: Interior Firefighters

Course Length: Six (6) hours

Meets OSHA requirements

Rope rescue training
Electric Vehicle training
Fire Extinguisher training
FAST Training
Vehicle Extrication Training 


Classes can range from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of training. Our instructor can design skills and scenarios to meet the needs of the client. 

Elevator Rescue

Elevator Operations and Emergencies will make firefighters and responders aware of the hazards associated with elevator operations, working with elevators at structural fires, other associated elevator emergencies, and elevator rescue, including the nomenclature and overview about the elevator systems.

Incident Command System (ICS) Training Courses

Calderwood provides training at all levels of the Incident Command System (ICS) in accordance with FEMA guidelines and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). We can help your staff discover the need, purpose and benefits of implementing the ICS concepts in managing any type of emergency situation. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training Program helps to mitigate risk by achieving greater preparedness. The training program facilitates training and qualification of emergency management personnel to NIMS concepts and principles.

Training & Exercise Plans

Calderwood can create your After Action Reports and Improvement Plans to help your organization capture lessons learned. We develop HSEEP-compliant After Action Reports (AARs) to document the lessons learned and improvements needed based on the exercise outcomes.

We provide managerial and technical consulting services to review and make recommendations on the program evaluation plans and procedures; implementation and content; exercise and test design; use of post incident analysis products; documentation; frequency; and to develop any needed improvement elements. This includes an assessment of existing exercise planning and delivery documents and the identification of elements based on requirements.

Exercise Design

Calderwood can design, facilitate and conduct any type of exercise, custom tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We have extensive experience in developing customized EOC training and in conducting exercises using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidance.

We have experience in conducting a range of exercises from small single organization tabletops to regional events integrating a variety of participants increasing in scale to the state level.

Airport Emergency Plan

Calderwood can assist in creating a functional AEP compliant with 139.325. Our staff can review current plans and provide recommendations to streamline your Airport Emergency Plan allowing for a strong and sleek plan that can be used during an emergency event.